Axiom Health helps you get evidence-based, data-driven answers to your daily MedTech questions.

Built only  for the MedTech industry, our platform organizes, enriches, and makes predictions with data to help you learn from the past, understand the present, and predict the future state of the MedTech market.

By giving you answers based on specific MedTech market segments, you’re able to make fact-based decisions for each clinical program — in minutes, not weeks.

How does data fit into your commercial decision-making?

Relying on sales to forecast and accurately predict market fluctuations?
Stuck with too much raw data from large aggregators, but have no real information?
Buying expensive one-off engagements that answer only one question at a time?

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Fast & Accurate MedTech Insights From Complex Data Sources
Unparalleled Market Accuracy
Everyone wants accurate, trusted market predictions. Our solution eliminates the data silos within your organization by cleaning, tokenizing, and mapping our unique and proprietary mix of data sets — asking why at every turn

Our predictions are then analyzed, visualized, and validated before being updated on our platform — giving you the most recent, accurate insights (backed by data evidence).

This makes us the most trusted data platform in the MedTech industry.
Unmatched Speed-to-Insights
With data updated every couple of weeks, you will have MedTech’s most accurate information at your fingertips.

This allows you to ask our platform questions as they arise and get answers mid-conversation, on-demand — in minutes, not months.  

Having multi-layered evidence gives you the confidence needed to make decisions quickly.
  • Scalable
  • On-Demand
  • Actionable
Simple No-Code Design
No code. No complexity.

So easy, everyone’s a pro.

Our platform’s intuitive design empowers all members of your commercial team by allowing them to easily identify trends and make strategic decisions quickly and with confidence.

There’s no coding or data science background needed to use the Axiom Health platform.

Healthcare data is often raw upon receipt and requires significant cleaning and expert validation to make it accurate and logical. Our powerful platform uses proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to clean, understand, and analyze large disparate data sets.

We spend the time to understand why it’s not clean, build algorithms to make it accurate, and then validate the predictions with our MedTech intelligence experts.

Graphic showing six icons: link, organize, analyze, understand, validate, deliver
Structured Data
(private and public)
Unstructured Data
(private and public)
Axiom Proprietary Data
Bring Your Own Data
Market Intelligence
Segmentation & Targeting
Territory Planning & Incentive Compensation
Brand & Product Forecasting
Incentive Compensation
Business Development / M&A Targeting Licensing
Investor Relations

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